Old News List

Oct. 7th, 2019
Season 12 Sponsor
Coaches and players. Lend me thine ears.
Season twelve is looming on the horizon and many of you would like to know what that entails. What trappings or trials await your return to stadium and pitch?
Answers are available if you tune into your favorite Cabalvision channel hosted by ABC.
After intense and (largely) bloodless negotiations we have a new sponsor for this season. ABC (Associated Broadcasting Conjurers) has generously agreed to channel all the carnage straight to viewers homes for a nominal pay per view fee.
This season is host to the ABC (Associated Broadcasting Conjurers) Cup.
ABC is one of the longest running Cabalvision networks, popular with home viewers for its heady mix of sports coverage, light entertainment, programming for younger viewers, and exclusive access to gala events and celebrity awards ceremonies.
It truly is quite awful!
ABC hosts its own tournament annually in Nuln, the city made famous by its Engineering school and its young, limelight-loving Elector Countess, Emmanuelle von Liebwitz. It is always a star studded affair, with many red carpet appearances from sports stars and famous personages of the various arts popular in the Old World, from playwrights and poets to wandering players and troubadours. The fans tune in in huge numbers to see who's who and who they're with in the VIP boxes.
Special Rules for the ABC Cup (found din Spike Magazine issue 3)
During teh end of season play-off semi-finals and finals games, the team that wins the FAME will count as having that many extra Cheerleaders during that game (+1 or +2), to represent the additional support they gain from fair weather fans impressed by seeing the players rubbing shoulders with celebrities.
Prizes: As well as the standard financial bonuses for winning or placing in the league, the winning team will gain a bonus +1 FAME, up to a maximum of +3, for the first D3 games of the next standard league season they play in, representing a flood of new fans who quickly lose interest once normal campaigning is resumed and celebrity gossip dries up. Make a note of this on the team's roster.
- Matt
Oct. 7th, 2019
Season 12 Tailgater
Season Twelve Tailgate Kick-Off

One day event for the Tailgate start to season Eleven for the MoB Games Local Blood Bowl League.

All teams enrolled in season twelve are to be rookie teams.
Please contact a league commissioner with your team name and race for creation on the league website.

Each team may play two pick up games with any other team participating in Season Eleven.
Serious Injuires and Deaths do not carry past the end of each match played during this event. (Resurrection format)
Each Team will be awarded two (2) MVP during this event.

Food and drink will be provided based on participant donations.
- Matt
Oct. 7th, 2019
Season 11 Final Results
Tyrs of My Enemies takes the championship home after overcoming the Orkland Raiders in a grudge match carried from the season 10 championship match.

Final results for season 11 are available in the All Seasons tab.
- Matt
July 16th, 2019
Commission News
Effective season 11 going forward. Pick up games are limited to playing the same opposing coach no more than twice in a season. This will include the full season from the tailgate through the post season.

This does not count scheduled matches. You can play a coach one scheduled match and two times with a pick up game. Please be sure to reach out to coaches you haven’t played to meet and throw some dice at each other. Have fun!
- Matt
July 14th, 2019
Season 11 News
The moment you have all been waiting for has come...The announcement for season 11 of the MoB local league news!
After the crushing victory by the Orkland Raiders at the end of season 10. The Orcidas bloodthirsty team of negotiators were hard at work to bring the fame and fortune their way and to share some (as little as possible) with the local scene.
Season 11 has been sponsored by the Orcidas brand and will be host to the annual "Orcidas Team of the Year" tournament to coincide with our play-offs.
What does this mean? I am glad you asked.
The team that places first at the end of the season will get a single players worth of Orcidas made armor kit. In addition to the standard winnings available at the end of the league season, the team that wins the cup may give one randomly determined player a +1 AV increase, to represent their coming away from the Orcidas Team of the Year Tournament with splendid new kit made in the hard-wearing traditions of Orc couture.

P.S. After the gnome statisticians ran some numbers and argued with the goblins as to what those number mean. (Does 2+2 really equal 4?). The commission has declared that season 12 will begin with a hard reset on teams. All teams enrolled in that season will be fresh rookie teams with no seasons of experience. Season 13 will allow for experienced teams to resume enrollment and play.
- Matt
May 8th, 2019
Season 12 and planning for the future.
We will bring doing another soft reset to the league in season 12. Akin to what occurred in season 6 last year but with more forewarning.

The soft reset:
Teams enrolled for participation in season twelve will be restricted to one of two options.
1: new rookie teams.
2: returning teams are allowed with the restriction that no player on the roster may have more than 5 spp.

This ensures that all players starting the season will be unleveled. Though returning teams will have the advantage of fan factor and rerolls. Those advantages will be offset by standard inducements.
- Matt
Mar. 17th, 2019
Season 10 Tailgate
Season 10 Tailgate to occur on 4/6
Each coach will be afforded two pick up games over the course of the day. These are separate from and in addition to any pick up games played during the regular season.

Rookie teams will be awarded two MVP's in the post match sequence. Returning experienced teams will be awarded one MVP as normal.
Rookie teams will also be treated to resurrection format and casualty results will not carry over past the event. Returning veteran teams will have injuries applied as normal league format.

Administrated by Vice Commissioner Nick
- Matt
Mar. 17th, 2019
Season Nine Post Season Update
The ninth season is drawing near its end and the “nail”-biting championship match is between Chris with his Edge Lord’s and Jackson with his Runic Reavers.

Who will survive? Who will claim the title? Time will tell.
- Matt
Mar. 3rd, 2019
Season Nine Post Season
Through thick and thin blood the regular season comes to an end. We move forward into the post season with anticipation to see who will come out on top with the championship!

Wild card round match ups are as follows:

For the Block Division:
Neil vs Doc
Chris vs Lance

For the Dodge Division:
Wade vs Benjamin
Jackson vs Jason

The next three weeks will be for the post season. All teams will be able to play up to three games in any combination of wild card, semi-final or pick up game.

All matches must be completed no later than 3/23/2019.
If you will be unable to commit to all post season matches. Let me know as soon as possible for a replacement coach to be found for the schedule.
- Matt
Feb. 25th, 2019
With some inspiration from our friends a little south of us. We will be adding a new factor into our league. We will be holding an annual league tournament outside of normal season play.

This tournament will take place after the current season running during the two weeks between season nine and ten.
From March 3rd through March 16th. All matches must be completed within that time.

MOBBBL Cup is the premiere tournament for the MOB Blood Bowl League. 8 Coaches will enlist one of their teams that have completed at least 1 season in the MOB store league. The first 8 coaches to enroll and pay the 15 dollar entrance fee will be granted a spot in this tournament. This tournament fee goes to helping pay for website used to run our store league, our astounding tournament trophy and other store goodies.
This tournament is a single elimination bracket tournament. (see attached image)

This means that if you lose a single game you are out of the tournament. First round opponents will be decide randomly. This tournament is also unique because all SPP, miss next games and serious injuries such as stat drops will carry over to the next game.
TV differential will also play a factor as well. Teams will be granted inducements exactly as if it were a league game. However, some inducements will not be allowed. Here is a list of inducements you can NOT take;
● Star Players
● Special Play Cards

In order to make things fair and equal for every team enrolled we will not be using the rules for special stadiums, special referees nor special balls.
All downtime redrafting must be complete to participate in the tournament.
This tournament aims to bring the best teams the league has ever seen into a single tournament seeking glory and fame. With that being said this is a competitive tournament. Coaches will bite and claw their way to the top and kill anyone that stands in their way. This tournament is also a great risk to rising star players in the league. All SPP, injuries and deaths will carry over to the season should you enroll that team into another season. These matches will not be counted for downtime redrafting nor will they cause downtime to be done.
- Matt
Jan. 7th, 2019
Season Nine Underway
We are in for a wild ride our ninth season. Having seventeen coaches slavering at each other for the championship. With nine of those teams starting out with fresh rookie players looking to get their names etched into history!

The schedule has been posted and ready to go. Match One is due by 1/19/2019 and pick up games as available.
- Matt
Dec. 19th, 2018
Season Nine Coming Up
Season nine starts on 1/6/2019 and teams need to be registered by 1/5/2019. The schedule will be posted on 1/6 and matches can begun to be played.
- Matt
Dec. 16th, 2018
Season Eight Final Report
With the close of our eighth season at MoB Games we have a good showing of new and experienced teams in the final results. A lot of blood and sweat with some tears forged this season into another great one in the annals of this league.

We hope to see everyone return next season for another chance at the championship. As well as some goodhearted fun! Bring a friend!

Champion: Slaughtering Bumpkins coached by Doc
Silver Cup: Dreadwood Warriors coached by Nick
Bronze Cup: Orazca Coronas coached by Neil

Most Touchdowns: Dashing Carson Smythe of Marienburg Dogs of War
Most Kills: Turbo of Seatown Speedsters
Most Casualties: Balsac the J.O.D. of Scumdogs of the Universe
Top Thrower: Hans Mightarm of Marienburg Dogs of War
Top Interceptor: Elhokar Kholin of Cosmere Stormriders
Most SPP Earned: Gaeleath Inaric of Dreadwood Warriors
Top MVP: Goremane of Slaughtering Bumpkins
Top Offensive Player: Gaeleath Inaric of Dreadwood Warriors
Top Defensive Player: Balsac the J.O.D. of Scumdogs of the Universe

Best Defense: Dreadwood Warriors coached by Nick
Care Bears: Moonclaw Mooncrushas by Trent
Most Lethal: Scumdogs of the Universe by Andrew
Best Offense: Dreadwood Warriors coached by Nick
Revenge: Zharr Garand Grenadiers by Josh
Block Division Champion: Cosmere Stormriders by Benjamin
Dodge Division Champion: Dreadwood Warriors by Nick
- Matt
Oct. 1st, 2018
Season Eight Commences!
Season Eight match schedule is posted.
- Matt
Sep. 27th, 2018
Plucky Cup!
Season Eight League Updates:
The Elven Union has made an unprecedented move for leagues not properly representing the elven player base. They are sponsoring Elven Luckstone Award for this season. (reference Spike magazine issue 3 page 31)

The championship team of this season will be awarded the Plucky Cup. Additionally, during the end season play-off semi-finals and finals games, one player on each team will be touched by the greatness of the Luckstone. Randomly select one player from each team. That player gains the Pro skill for the duration of the match. If that player already has the Pro or Loner skill, randomly select another player.

Alongside the standard financial bonuses for winning or placing in teh league, teh winning team gains an additional team re-roll for hte duration of the next standard league season they play in. This re-roll does not cost the team any gold pieces but does increase their Team Value.

Additionally, the player on the wining team who was awarded the MVP for the final match gains the Pro skill -- increasing their cost accordingly. If the MVP already has the Pro or Loner skill, randomly select another player to gain the Pro skill.

Standard season rules changes:
Championship teams are awarded additional gold of winnings. First place is awarded 100k; second place 60k and this place 30k. (No longer awarding an additional dice of earnings to first place)

Spike Magazine issues 1, 2 and 3 inducements are now available for use.
- Matt
Aug. 27th, 2018
Season Seven Post Season!
We are into the play-offs and wait with baited breath to see who shall rise to the top!

For the wild card round one:
Da New York Big’uns vs Moonclaw Mooncrushaz
Orkland Raiders vs Orazca Coronas
Slaughtering Bumpkins vs Disciples of Squee
Zharr Garland Grenadiers vs Shamble On
Everyone else is allotted up to three pick up games.

Remember that the post season runs for three weeks for all three games. Through 9/15.

If you won't be able to play all of your playoff games in a timely manner, then the playoff spot will be awarded to the next coach (e.g. either 2nd place in the division, or the next would be Wild Card team.)
Star Players and Mercenaries are NOT available as inducements during the MoB Play-offs.
The Playoff games draw large crowds; roll 4 dice instead of 2 for determining the gate for the games.
MoB Championship game teams are awarded an addition dice worth of winnings. Note that the winner may still reroll winnings, but may only reroll one of the two dice.
Miss Next Game injury results will be cleared from players after the regular season prior to the first post season match and again between the wild card match and championship match. They will apply to all other matches.
- Matt
July 2nd, 2018
Season Seven Started
With such a great turnout for the Tailgate Party on 7/1 there was much fanfare to start the season.

Seven pick up games resulted in fifteen touchdowns and twenty one casualties!

Thank you to everyone that was able to make it and lets have a fun season over the next several weeks.

The full schedule is posted and ready to play.
Week one is 7/1 through 7/14.
Week two is 7/15 though 7//28.
Week three is 7/29 through 8/11.
Week Four is 8/12 through 8/25.
- Matt
June 13th, 2018
Team Badges
Does your team have a cool team badge you want uploaded?

Then email me the image with the following requirements.

jpg-image with a width of 200px and height of 160-200px
- Matt
May 21st, 2018
Upcoming League Changes
League Announcement:
Season Seven Updates and Changes (Edited 6/10/2018)

With reflecting on the past year that we have been playing many matches of Blood Bowl. The game we have all enjoyed as a community.

With the start of the seventh season we will be doing a "soft reset" to all teams. What does this mean? I am glad you asked.
First: Teams enrolling in season seven will have a maximum team value of 1300 and no players that have earned star player points. All rookie players or players with less than six SPP, but those teams that redraft may keep their team name and if they have extra funds they can use that for coaching staff or re-rolls. But no team with a TV of 1301+ will be enrolled in the upcoming season.

Second: Treasury will affect team value. Treasury money exceeding the 100k will count towards team value. (There is another option to require it to be spent as petty cash. I don't think we are quite to that point)
If treasury is equal to or lower, team value is not affected and only rely on players, re-rolls, staff etc. as usual.

Third: Retiring players. Once a player wants to retire it is permanent for all future seasons. Automatically increasing their redrafting cost by 20k for each season completed.

team enrollment will be done as a blind listing. Each coach will inform the league commission of which team they will be playing during the upcoming season. The commissioning staff will not disclose what team/race(s) are being enrolled during the season. Each coach may choose whether they want to disclose their team or not.

We have a good community here. Let's work together to nurture a friendly, fun and casual league.
- Matt
Mar. 17th, 2018
End of Season Five
With the fifth season of the MoB Game Blood Bowl League coming to an end we have a new champion!

Champion: And My Ax
Silver Cup: The New World Thunder
Bronze Cup: Coven of Thorns

Player Awards:
Most Touchdowns: Nobody Love Raymond of Coven of Thorns
Most Kills: Kerredith Erewine of Ball Hawks
Most Casualties: Thein, Black Heart of New World Thunder
Top Thrower: Elftonio Crown of New World Thunder
Top Interceptor: Cannon Uge Arm of Da red White of Broozas
Most SPP Earned: Harry Leathermaul of And My Ax

Team Awards:
Best Defense: Baskerville Worgen Donors
Care Bears: Snow Hi-Ho's
Most Lethal: And My Ax
Best Offense: Coven of Thorns
Revenge: New Ogrund Quakers
Block Division Champion: Coven of Thorns
Dodge Division Champion: And My Ax

All teams are ready for redrafting at your convenience.
- Matt
Feb. 27th, 2018
Post Season Five
League Announcement:

Do to popular demand we will be doing the post season a little differently this time around.

The top team of each division will have two scheduled matches for the semi-final and final games. Plus one pick up game each.

The four teams ranked two through six will have one wild card match each to determine who goes into the semi-finals for the play-offs.

Everyone else will have up to three pick up games available for them to schedule and play.

We will see how this works out.
- Matt
Jan. 6th, 2018
Let's play some Blood Bowl!
Season Five for the majors and Season Three for the minors are now running.

Remember to notify your commissioner of any upcoming pick up games to be added to the schedule.
- Matt
Dec. 19th, 2017
Season Four Final Results
Season Four Closed.

Team Awards
Champion: Coven of Thorns
2nd Place: Green City Squighawks
Best Offense: Green City Squighawks
Best Defense: Coven of Thorns
Deadliest Team: And My Ax
Block Division Champ: Coven of Thorns
Dodge Division Champ: Ball Hawks
Care Bear Pennant: Ball Hawks
Revenge Pennant: Kleaverland Brownpants

Player Awards:
Most SPPs: Nobody Loves Raymond (Coven of Thorns)
Top Interceptor: Izzaa Lunggord (Green Skin Smashers)
Top Passer: Davie Throwie (Green City Squighawks)
Top Killer: Grathgar Goldenbeard (And My Ax)
Most Casualties: Grathgar Goldenbeard (And My Ax)
Top Scorer: Nobody Loves Raymond (Coven of Thorns)
- Matt
Nov. 20th, 2017
Week Four Begins
Week four has started for the season and everyone has until 12/3 to complete there match.
Bring the pain!
Bring the touchdowns!
- Matt
Sep. 27th, 2017
Season Four and Minors Two
Both MoB Games season four and the minors league season two are open for enrollment through 10/8/2017. At which point the seasons will commence an all new bloodbath!

Welcome to another season of BLOOD BOWL!!!
- Matt
Sep. 25th, 2017
Season Three Closed
With the completion of the third season for MoB Games Blood Bowl League the dwarven team Barak Varr Beards have taken the trophy home.

Congratulations to everyone for a well fought and played season.

P.S. You can see the season results in the All Seasons tab with the Final Results menu.
- Matt

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